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                              Commitment to our Local Community

Seams to Fit believes that our community is our lifeblood. We would not exist were it not for the support of our local community.and we are committed to serving our local community. We do this by focusing our business around our local consignors and customers.

We do not sell our products online from our website. Our only online sales come from an Ebay store where we sell items that we feel do not fit well for our local market. For example, if a high-end item has a slight flaw we don’t put it on our floor since we always try to have merchandise in as good of condition as possible. These Ebay sales account for only about 2% of our sales.

Virtually all of our customers are from the local area. We have the occasional customer from out of the area who are here either on vacation or to visit family. We do not actively seek these customers.

In a similar way, most of our consignors are local. Over 75% are from Portland and an additional 20% are from other local cities. The remaining 5% are from communities within 100 miles or consignors who have moved out of the area and still send us their clothing. We do not actively seek out of area consignors.

These practices allow us to not only support our local community but for Seams to Fit to be supported by that same local community.

Seams to Fit began in 1999 with the imagining of a place where women could come together to share their clothes and stories with each other. What began in a tiny storefront with a single shopkeeper, has now organically grown into what we have today, a true family business. What we have learned through it all is that when we follow our imagination and allow growth to happen naturally, wonderful things can happen.

Seams to Fit became a Certified B Corporation in 2016. B Corps are a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.  Seams to Fit is proud to be the only consignment store in the world to be certified as a B Corporation.

Even though Seams to Fit is a small local business with a single location we believe we can have a positive impact on the world. We believe that small steps toward the greater good are a simple way to have this impact. By treating everyone with respect we encourage that outlook to be passed along. By selling only pre-owned items, we honor the planet with sustainability. By supporting our workers, we honor their efforts in making Seams to Fit who we are. By sharing our success with our neighbors, we work toward a more unified community.

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