ALL SALES ARE FINAL: All purchases made at Seams to Fit are final sales, no returns or exchanges are accepted. We do stand behind the authenticity of each item sold. If ever a sold item were to be proven inauthentic, a full refund will be granted.

LAYAWAY POLICY: Seams to Fit offers layaway on purchases over $100. We ask that customers put ½ of total down to start a layaway, and customers have a one month timeline to pay off the balance. Customers will sign a layaway contract ensuring their responsibility within the contract.

ON APPROVAL POLICY: Seams to Fit allows items to be taken out of store for a 24 hour period for customers to consult with a tailor to see if needed alterations are feasible. The customer signs a contract that explains that if the item is not returned within the allotted timeline, their credit card left on file will be charged.

HOLD POLICY FOR FRIDAY FEATURED PRODUCTS: Due to the popularity of our Featured Products on Friday morning, we can only hold featured products through the end of the day that the product is featured. Customers are also only allowed to hold 2 featured products at a time.

HOLD POLICY: Customers are allowed to hold non featured items through the end of the following business day. If an item is within 2 days of its monthly markdown, item cannot be held.


Consignor’s are not allowed to pull items off the floor until the expiration date. The full three month contract, including monthly markdowns, must be fulfilled.

To start an account for consignment, Seams to Fit requires more than one item, unless the item can be sold for over $100.